Andre Brown was leaving his sister's home at the time of Memorial Day when he misjudged the position of a ramp and fell the stairs. His son Arahmus leapt over the railing in order to stop the 56-year-old from striking his head. As Brown injured his left ankle in the accident, he dismissed the incident as an embarrassing incident.

However, the accident would trigger the beginning of a new danger zone in his life. A doctor taking care of his ankle observed that an infection was forming and urged Brown to take him to the hospital. "The infection that was in my feet had started eating away at my bones," Brown says. "If I had waited another day, I'd have been septic, and I could've died." The doctors quickly removed his leg just below the calf, and fitted Brown to a prosthetic, and beginning his months of intense physical therapy.

First off How are you feeling generally, emotionally and physically?I feel fine. It's pretty nice. I'm extremely blessed, and at times losing weight is an advantage. I'm walking today, and most people are amazed by the information. We knew that I was sick since I was becoming sicker and sicker throughout the day. The way I'll put it is easy: I'm a spiritual person. I'm a very god-fearing individual. If this is indeed the ultimate plan the man has done the things he's planned to accomplish. It's not my fault. I was blessed in March. I was able to reverse my diabetes. Let's look at what happens. Let all prayers and all the praises on him since He's the person in charge of it and not me. The spirit in charge is the one who has all the power.

Dr. Dre is the pseudonym from Andre Romelle Young, (born on February 18, 1965 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.), American hip-hop producer, rapper and entrepreneur who played a role in promoting the subgenre of gangsta rap.

The parents of teenagers were aspiring to sing career paths, Andre Young took the stage name Dr. Dre in the 1980s' early years. He was an emcee and part of World Class Wreckin' at nightclubs and parties at the Los Angeles' south-central district. In 1986, he established N.W.A (Niggaz Wit Attitudes) together with co-rappers Eazy-E and Ice Cube. The second album of the group, Straight Outta Compton (1988) was a landmark for the young Gangsta rap movement. It featured explicit description (and often glorifying) that referred to street violence, as well as the sale of drugs. While Dre played a prominent role as rapper in N.W.A His most well-respected role was that of a producer, making incredibly loud multilayered sonic collages that support the group's controversial lyrics.

In the beginning in the 20th century Dr. Dre started working on a follow-up project to 2001. After a long time however, this album (which was supposed to be called Detox) was put on hold. While his career in production was booming thanks to collaborations with musicians like Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z as well as 50 Cent. The long wait for a third Dr. Dre album ended in 2015 when he released the album of Compton and the album is said to have been was inspired by the movie Straight Outta Compton (2015) which told the tale of N.W.A. In the year 2016 Dr. Dre received an honorary admitted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as an official member of N.W.A. Later, he performed with other hip-hop superstars, including Snoop, Eminem, Blige along with Kendrick Lamar--at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2022.

in 2014, Apple acquired Beats Electronics, including Beats Audio hardware as well as Beats Music, for $3 billion as The BBC announced that time. The two Dr. Dre and Levine hold executive positions at Apple after the purchase.

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In the year of Apple's purchase of the company Dr. Dre was said to have an estimated total net worth of around $800million as per Rolling Stone.

The history of N.W.A was the focus of the 2015 smash Straight Outta Compton,which Dr. Dre penned music for in"Compton," his debut album "Compton," and the release climbed to number two in the Billboard 200.

Box Office Mojo announced the fact that Straight Outta Compton made over $201 million in the world and in 2016, Dr. Dre's album was declared gold.

Despite being frequently referred to as hip-hop's most successful billionaire as well as despite the previous assertion that he had a net worth of 800 million dollars, Rolling Stone revealed that in the month of November 2021, Dr. Dre was worth total net worth that was $458.2 million.

It claimed in the papers submitted to L.A. Superior Court in his divorce proceedings together with Nicole Young it stated that Dr. Dre's net worth included $182.7 millions in cash and $6.3 million of stocks in stocks, in addition to $269.2 million in assets and property.

In the Settlement of their divorce, Young was reported by Rolling Stone to receive 100 million dollars from her former husband.

The legendary rappers Snoop Dogg along with Dr. Dre are making new music with each other, Snoop recently reported. The legendary duo have worked together on albums such as The Chronic and The Chronic 2001 have been at it again.

Snoop said Snoop, "We're cooking up a little something."

As longtime friends as well as co-workers are creating new material, Snoop hasn't given many specifics about who the who, what, where, what, when, or what. The West Coast stalwarts could be dropping something soon or later in line with their wish. Undoubtedly, Dr. Dre is always at work, but he is selective about the music he puts his name and image on public display. Therefore, at present fans are waiting for his announcement with great anticipation.

Snoop revealed to Snoop in an interview with the ET Online when asked about rumors of his and Dre working together in the studio "We're making up something. I'm not going to discuss the matter too many times, but we're back together once more."

Snoop said that it's been a long time--decades even, since the two of them have worked together on any project. Snoop is rumored to be referring to "The Chronic" released in 1992, as their final time they worked together. Although they have released tracks and albums since 1992, the album, which put them each in the spotlight for solo work, might represent the final time that they collaborated together in the way they do now.

"It's been 30 years since we worked on a record," Snoop declared. "And we're doin' something. We're working at something."


His remarks come as speculations arose about their current collaborations. Death Row investor and convicted ex-kingpin Michael "Harry-O" Harris said that he witnessed them working in the same studio. Harris has been released from prison on January 20, 2021 was sentenced to 30 years in prison. He spoke about Snoop and Dre working on a podcast that was recently released, KG Certified which was hosted by NBA superstar Kevin Garnett.

The past has proven that this was not the case. In his five years on Death Row, Dr. Dre became a household name as a solo artist. He was instrumental in the rise for Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound, and many others. The label was later the home of Tupac Shakur, DJ Quik as well as MC Hammer, as it evolved into an eminent Gangsta Rap empire throughout the 1990s. But by the beginning of decade of 2010 it was clear that both Dr. Dre and Suge Knight had given up the ownership to Death Row, which became an archive label, mainly restricted to re-releases, archive drops and merchandise.

Former Death Row Records Singer Jewell Has Passed Away

In early 2022, close to 30 years after the publication of Dr. Dre's album The Chronic, Snoop Dogg took the reigns the label Death Row. The rapper turned mogul returned to the record label in order to drop BODR (Bacc on Death Row) just before the label announced that he would be signing the Tha Dogg Pound back to the imprint for a rumored Dogg Food 2. album that is a sequel to their double-platinum chart-topper. The rapper also placed the company in the realm of metaphysics and removed many from the Death Row albums--including The Chronic and his Doggystylefrom the traditional DSPs. In the same time, Snoop and others began talking about Harry-O in an attempt to more fully be compensated by the parties who were involved in the Death Row's beginnings and the success of.

On Kevin Garnett's KG Certified talk show, Harry-O talked about changes from his current from a vantage point. "It hits me sometimes when I'm sitting with [Dr.] Dre and Snoop, and just watchin' these guys and who they became," said the former convict who wore an Death Row Records medallion. He continued, "I was just talkin about it with the Doctor the other day. I talk to the entire Death Row family and we're all going to join forces and accomplish amazing things. Because it's all been shaped by our various experiences. It's a multitude of stories that will be told and we'll ensure that everyone who was part of something is aware of what's coming. '" Harry-O spoke of the possibility of a docuseries with 20 parts that is currently in development.

At the time that you got your prosthetic leg, did you find it harder or more simple to master walking using it as you imagined?