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Cannabis Based Medication/CBD Formulations and Sports: Evolution and Prospects

The term ‘Cannabis’ continues to stir mixed reactions in the world of sport. Several athletes have received bans after testing positive for THC. Sha’CarriRichardon’s 2020 ordeal with the US Anti-Doping Agency is a perfect example of cannabis landing athletes in hot water. Athlete suspensions for cannabis used to be common, but the numbers are dropping.

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Cannabis-based medication has received widespread condemnation from several quarters in the sports medicine industry, but all that is changing fast. There is a warmer stance towards cannabis-based medication within the sports medicine community, and its due to in-depth research and other factors. Sports athletes could turn to cannabis-based medications as effective solutions to palliative care and pain management.

In this post, we will see how cannabis-based medication has evolved over the years and its future. The article also highlights driving factors towards development of CBD medications for athletes and other vital information. Check out these details to understand all you need to know about CBD formulations and its presence in sports medicine.

Landmark Developments in CBD Medication

Discovery of the Endo-Cannabinoid System

American scientists William Devane and Allyn Howlett discovered the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in 1988. These scientists discovered that humans have receptors for cannabinoids, suggesting the human body must be natural producers of the compound, which they coined endocannabinoids.

Further research on Devane and Howlett’s discovery showed that two receptors – CB1 and CB2 –can respond to cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Further research showed that THC is responsible for the euphoric ‘high’ people experience after ingesting unrefined cannabis.

The discovery of ECS, endocannabinoid receptors, and CBD presently drives advancements in alternative sports medication. Growing research into the efficacy of CBD for palliative care and pain management also improved its acceptance within the sports medicine industry.

Founding of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

The World Anti-Doping Agency was founded in 1999 towards promoting and coordinating a measured response against doping among athletes. WADA’s creation also triggered the creation of a World Anti-Doping Code in 2004. These two significant entities in the fight against doping had a strong anti-CBD stance in their early years of formation.

It would take the WADA eighteen (18) years after their founding to remove CBD from the list of banned substances (Nichols and Kaplan, 2019). The regulatory stance of many sports bodies towards CBD products changed significantlyafter that delisting in 2017.

Major CBD Formulations in Sports

CBD formulations in sports are becoming common as more official organizations relax or remove restrictions against cannabis-based medications. Some of the most common CBD formulations in sports include:


Some CBD brands now produce supplements with measured CBD content to aid easy ingestion. Fitness enthusiasts could rely on these supplements for pain management and holistic care after consultation with qualified health practitioners.


Many CBD oils come with a high amount of the main compound – cannabidiol – mixed with essential oils. Some brands can spice up their offering of CBD oils with a mix of natural oils for greater variety.

Topical products like CBD oils can be ideal for pain relief massages, stress reduction on specific areas, and more. Athletes can apply these products directly to provide faster relief from muscle pain, cramps, and other issues.


Many licensed brands now produce CBD tinctures designed for pain relief, sleep promotion, and for reduction of stress. Tinctures made with CBD may contain a mix of edible oils and herb extracts. Other CBD medications include edibles (gummy bears, cookies, etc.) and creams.

Driving Factors of Cannabis Based Medication in Sport

Research into the efficacy of CBD

The early tough stance from sports bodies towards CBD medications came from the widespread disapproval for marijuana. However, research into the effectiveness of CBD towards pain management has shown promise. Current research also highlights a lower chance of adverse effects from CBD use compared to opioids-based drugs.

Reduction of THC content in CBD medications

THC is still frowned upon throughout the sports medicine industry for its strong psychotropic effect. However, research into the development of CBD medication has seen remarkable reductions in THC content. Most regulated CBD medications contain no more than 0.3% THC, greatly limiting the compound’s effect on users.

Side effects of opioids

Notable pharmaceutical companies known for producing palliative care medication with opioidshave come under fire in recent years. Few of these companies have faced legal action for the damaging side effects of opioids on users of their medication, including athletes.

A popular example of opioid overdose dangers occurred in 2019 where a baseball player overdosed on a conventional drug. The player’s death and resulting public outcry forced the US Major League Baseball (MLB) body to whitelist cannabis.

Opioids-based medication continues to receive negative reviews, improving the profile of alternative pain management solutions like CBD products.

Future of Cannabis Based Medication in Sports

The future of cannabis in sport is bright without question. Current indications show that cannabis is set to become one of the most accepted sources of medication for athletes in several sports. For example, the US National Basketball Association (NBA) stopped randomized marijuana testing for players, highlighting the potential therapeutic benefits of the herb to athletes.

Sports bodies like the UFC and NFL have either advocated for the increased development of CBD medication for athletes. Other top organizations respond to cannabis’ growing popularity by removing it from their list of banned substances or waiving pre-drafted penalties for positiveTHC tests.

Growing acceptance in the sports community for cannabis and CBD medication continues to generate unprecedented approval among active and retired athletes.

Final Word

CBD in sport opens a world of opportunity to athletes seeking alternative, effective solutions for better recovery. It is an ideal option for athletes to rely on towards achieving improved pain relief, anti-stress relief, and support for improved mental health.

CBD comes directly from a natural source and can be a perfect replacement for athletes seeking anti-inflammatory medication.

However, sports athletesshould seek information about CBD products before use. These products could appear on a drug test, so proper information is essential. You should seek details from regulatory bodies and qualified health professionals if CBD medication is allowed in your sport or jurisdiction.

Finally, you must rely on trusted brands for your CBD products as an athlete. A brand like Cannabryl has several potent CBD products designed to help achieve better pain relief and protection against inflammation. You can get all the cannabis-based products you need from Cannabryl for a long and successful sports career.

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