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Go to the cave and guards will attack youpersonally, get them through till you locate Leader Yurnok who is level 61. He'll attack you with a giant spear that may hit up to 18. As soon as you kill him, he will drop Yurnok's Head and bones, sometimes some coins and runes and other valuables RuneScape 3 Gold. Bring his head back to Lug. Lug will provide you the orb which is called Orb of Breath. Proceed to the wizard Terran who is at the Wizards' Tower and he'll thank you and give you 5,000 gp and let you've got the orb.

Proceed to Captain Murk and you will set sail. Once you visit a broken wall the ship will cease and Captain Murk will let you know to dive there. Proceed and you'll discover a shipwreck. Proceed to a door and a guard will stop you and knock you out. You will then wake up in a jail at the palace. Speak to one of those guards and ask him why you're placed into jail. The guard will tell you that you were wearing no symbol.

But there I was reading the"Behind the Scenes - August" and noticed that they had an idea for a brand new fire making-based mini-game... well, I happened to be bored, and have been thinking how they could use a fun, different, inventive hunter mini-game. I came up a rough outline for an idea... please note, if people like thought, I'll work on it , and Perhaps try some vision, but for now, please feel free to rate idea

JaGeX has been doing more and more creature updates recently. There happen to be penguins, summoning, and the like. And from quests, many people like to appear being the animal. Well, I believe that could be a cool mini-game. I was thinking of two ways this could go about, howeverI would just like to state I will be publishing it, and stuff the more ideas I get.

This 1st thought more or less inspired the title... I thought rather than trying to capture an NPC animal, the hunter (or is he?) Could try to hunt other players who have been changed into animals. How I figured this could function, is:

Animal Side: The goal here would be that your attempting to escort a defenseless NPC animal, that needs to get back to the safety of his property. However, many hunters are about, who seem to desire the rare animal. Yet, you haven't continued this long without learning a few of the hunter's tricks! :-RRB- Using different skills which every different creature has, 1 (maybe an imp) could slip the bait Buy RuneScape Gold, yet another (possibly a raccoon) ruin the creatures, possibly have one attack the hunters, and other things, maybe all of the way to leaving lure to acquire the NPC creature back to house the fastest way possible.

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