Martech Interview with Diego Bartolome on Customer Support


Diego Bartolome, CTO at Language I/O highlights in an Martech interview on Customer Support and the most exciting topics in MarTech and gives a sneak peek into their recent developments. The innovation pace is extremely high and even if many new technologies and solutions fail, leaders need to think outside the box and play with them to learn continuously.


We provide software that enables monolingual customer support teams to chat, email and provide self-service support in over 150 languages in real-time while correctly translating key terminology through a Self-Improving Glossary solution. Our customers’ main pain point is providing accurate, efficient multilingual customer support solutions quickly without breaking the bank — that is, with low capital and operational expenditure. It’s difficult to narrow business specialty to a specific industry because Language I/O’s solutions cater to any organization prioritizing connection with its global customer base and enhancing its multilingual customer support efforts.


The platform allows our customers to provide multilingual customer support to their customers in more than 150 languages over email, article and chat translation. By embedding products into four of the largest customer relationship management systems (CRMs) — Salesforce Service Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, Zendesk and Service Now — as well as providing an API that can be used within any CRM, our customers can seamlessly provide multilingual customer support to all of their customers.


About Diego Bartolome - Diego has been working for over sixteen years at the intersection of languages and technology to help people and companies communicate in any language. He has built cohesive teams to create, improve, and scale tech products with a deep business impact both at his own start-up tauyou and at TransPerfect.


About Language I/O - Language I/O's software enables monolingual (i.e., English speaking-only) customer support teams to chat, email, and provide self-service support in over 100 languages in real-time. 


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