How can I handle children that's constantly waste money on equipment like 2K? from Nfkjasfas's blog

As much as green only sounds great could be an utter nightmare. Splitting it's the optimal solution. No offence but if you want to play with with comp ability gap shooting is your thing to do NBA 2K21 MT. I myself a lot like wake that is mad, I favor something like this, I miss that the skill difference shooting from start of this year, I adored it. If you want to be at the comp landscape you got to be able to green. Whites ought to be something in the exempt manners like park such as. I just felt like when whites started to go in, they removed ability gap.

All these kids jump on and get started hitting bad releases, like it's RNG (fortune ) at the point, it should not be about that, it should be about skill. Do not mind they component in non comp modes like park. The biggest problem with green only hitting is that 2K has servers and there are random lag spikes. For something where the timing needs to be precise we want servers that are better or you eliminate.

2K servers are dog shit and"comp" 2K will never match other esports until they fix it. There is no reason why I need to have a 1 sec delay 2K when I can twitch AND play league or wow with 50 ping concurrently. Mainly cause its just two teams in 1 setting. This is also another reason why the method that is shooting may stay the exact same with whites heading in in park, sometimes people only want to have fun and play with games. The system that was green explained at all by 2K or is not understood by enough individuals. It's possible to shoot every shot with perfect timing and a few won't be green and say"marginally early/late".

And a few of these will go in and a few will overlook. These are whites, and some whites will be really slightly off of the window that is green but these will also go in at reduced rates. So people see the actual badly timed shots move in along with the non-green perfectly staged shots which go in (that for some dumb reason use the exact same precise language of"marginally early/late") and those shots get conflated with each other to provide the impression that a lot of individuals are out here hitting badly staged shots at precisely the same rate as individuals that are greening everything Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins. However, no shots miss far more than they move in. In case the well timed non-greens simply said"great release" rather, it would make a lot more sense.

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By Nfkjasfas
Added Jun 4



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