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Marry James
Plagiarising has dire consequences. It can end your academic career overnight. Thus plagiarism checkers are now a vital part of academia. If you are not aware of the outcome of plagiarism, here are 5 dangerous outcomes of plagiarism. Read on to know more. 1.      Destroyed scholar reputation Taking credits for a paper that is not your own, can land you into grave problems. You might get suspended or even expelled. Not just that, your academic history will contain all these allegations. Thi... more
Charles joye
Academic essay help you in a lot of ways. You will come across this type of essay in your academic career. It will make you look into a write-up and interpret those ideas in your own words. You need to understand the author’s perspective to write a good response essay. You might have a problem understanding the approach initially. The following three elements will help you write a well-organized response essay.   1.       Structure   You need to know the structure of th... more