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Eva Conner
Jump Trade collaborated with Guardian Link and StarkWare to create the world's first p2e - Meta Cricket League - a play-to-earn crypto game, as well as the first time in an Asian market to introduce an interface with Zero Knowledge Rollup - a 2 Layer Zero Gas Fee marketplace that helps consumers avoid the strenuous gas fee and overrule that layer of protocol typically exercised on marketplaces with NFT collectibles. Jump Trade NFT marketplace is a success story in and of itself, since its extremely functional interface sold out in l... more
Eva Conner Jun 24 · Tags: nft
Eva Conner
The NFT gaming business had a fantastic year in its attempts to bring the globe to high-end virtual entertainment platforms while also including monetary generation components into its interface. It is extremely scalable, secure, adaptive, and tamper-proof, and the platform aids in the development of trust among its users. As a result, their unprecedented expansion is warranted. A slew of businesses, independent developers, and even artists/content providers are creating platforms for their intended audience. In this example, the pla... more
Eva Conner Jun 23 · Tags: nft, nft gaming
Jesse Pinkman
NFTs are the most sought-after investment and trading tool available in today's climate. Their rise can be attributed to the never-ending need for change. Their fresh take on the trading of digital assets has given rise to many new opportunities for creators, creators, and businesses to monetize their content like never before. Instead of artists and creators taking reigns in the NFT space, celebrities and influencers are also infiltrating the space for good. The Best NFT Launchpad in India has associated with a famous name... more
Eva Conner
The NFTs are now on a high-intensity growth trajectory. Scammers are always looking for methods to take the easy way out. This is also due to the kind of transactions that pass via the interface. Every day, five or six-figure deals are easily closed. These are the reasons why industry players should be careful of all recognized fraud activities. Let's take a look at some of the ways fraudsters exploit loopholes.