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Along with OSRS gold regular tree routes which you'll do by the majority of the time, you are able to acquire extra knowledge in farming by planting fruit trees in Old School RS Gold spots created for them.

LEVELS 89+ Sharks. These are regarded as the very best money makers after 89 cooking because Sharks are one of the most common foods consumed in OSRS. You can create them all the way to OSRS gold 99 for a good gain but if you would like top exp rate stop at 93. Number of Sharks had for this point is around 11k.

LEVELS 93+ Anglerfish. This is a method for people who want to reach max level quicker and do not want longer paths. You may sacrifice your gold produced for expertise rewards. It's simple - if you need money you are able to perform Sharks, if greater exp - perform Anglerfish. You will need about 25k of these to finish training cooking and reach 99. It's one of best ways to max your fishing.

Powerleveling between 35-99 levels. There's a unique method to level cooking up at the fastest time possible which is creating wines. You can level up extremely fast making those because they will give you approximately 500k exp/hour. This way is quite AFK-able and the only drawback to this is that you will need to spend somewhere under 15mil to find max Cooking with. You may be creating Jugs of Wine. To make Jug of Wine include grapes to the Jug of Water. This method is very simple but requires a lot of clicking and attention.

Cooking karambwans. After finishing Tai Bwo Wannai Trio pursuit with 30+ Cooking level players may cook Karambwan. This is a particular sort of food that is eaten slower making it good for pvp because it's possible to eat both this one and regular food at the exact same time. At level 90 angling by using raw Karambwan on clicking and fire 2 on the keyboard at precisely the exact same time you are able to cook it without a tick delay. This makes Karambwan quickest cooking component from the game.

Whilst extremely click-intensive this method can get you amazing cooking encounter rates of about 900k/hour while at precisely the exact same time those supply over 200k profit. Although you need only 30 Cooking for this keep in mind that it isn't worth doing until 90th level because you'll have a good deal of your components burned. This could be the best but most click intensive Cooking coaching that you may do. If you are looking also for additional money makers you might want to check how to RS 2007 Gold produce raw wild pie and raw summer pops.
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