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Dont know why im downvoted either considering I literally work together with the NFL broadcasting group and Mut 21 coins also have all the amounts at my desk. There also wasn't anything on your very first comment that triumphed that you had"inside" knowledge. I know why you're being downvoted because some people literally do watch the preseason and you come off as smug. You're likely being downvoted by men and women who have watched preseason. Educated opinions do not actually work on reddit. I have discovered to buy Madden 21 coins stop commenting on things involving my field of work since some snarky adolescent who has no idea what they are talking about is going to be upvoted by the hivemind who also has no clue what they are talking about.

My concept is a dev wrote up that part with the intent to make it sound as shitty as possible to shine a light on Madden 21 coins how bad the problem has gotten. Yep. This is actually the EA playbook. It is why battlefield V is crap this season. A way they can alter everything back and say that they"corrected" things then Battlefield 6 will be a way better match. EA does this all the time. That is awesome they responded, be positive, but do not get your hopes up too much. But I am praying they deliver something great this year. It's just lip service and damage management. We have heard the exact same thing for many years about franchise mode. It's only a corporate cover your bum PR message to attempt to get the heat off them. The sport is only weeks away from launch... It is realistically impossible that they'd have time and resources to develop anything new for franchise at that time.

At best this could mean they will attempt to take since things on in a patch sometime from winter, or more likely, they're just hoping it is discounted and forgotten and they will not actually do anything. The game comes out a month. Like let's be real here, most of us know how shitty a project this team does. They can't even get basic things like stats directly. Are we really gonna be optimistic they will put in significant work in per month for fixing something they have actively ignored for like 10 years? Every patch they do breaks multiple things. The patch for Madden 21 franchise surely already broke many items and they are just gonna try to resolve people in a day 1 patch. At this time we deserve more thickness than PSP Maddens. At minimum.

We could design plays & employ OCs and DCs on psp ten years ago. Wtf happened eh? Even the GBA Maddens had Madden Cards and Mini Camp. I don't buy anything until I see in the match, but at least something has been mentioned. Hopefully it is true. Remember when neighborhood files was broken and they barley said a word for weeks? "We know how important franchise would be to our neighborhood" yet you did absolutely nothing to enhance this season. It's just lip service just like the NFL telling us they renewed their licenses arrangement with EA because they liked their strategy going forward. Scripted response. Typical bullshit talking points. One thing that's great with them saying something is if nothing occurs their asses will get flamed by the community if nothing actually happens. Doubt it. They will throw the community a bone and it'll be same shit different roster. If they say it they'll repair it then they likely will. EA might not be the very best at taking fan criticism or suggestions but when they encounter heavy fire they fold and only give in. Biggest example would be BF2.

FixMaddenFranchise is nothing whatsoever like what happened with BF2. Financially, lawfully, geopolitically, Disney, just on a whole different level. Yeah I mean it kinda is. Significant fan revolt. EA panicks. Disney gets involved. I mean they listen if it gets bad . That it clearly is. NFL is not getting involved with this. There's no legal exposure for EA. NFL is not concerned. Hell, the discontent was already string before the revived EA's exclusivity and it did not prevent them from giving it right back to EA. Well they've never made a public announcement like this earlier. Whilst this is apparently a positive indication, please temper anticipation and adhere to cheap Madden nfl 21 coins any firearms you are sticking to. Current-gen discs of Madden 21 are in or very nearly in the can. Devs will be working on crucial Day One Patch issues up until a week or two before launch date.