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2021 is the year New World MMO was born, and it is also an extraordinary year for this game. The new year is coming soon, and there are still many problems waiting to be solved in New World, which is a huge challenge for developers who spend most of their time on vacation. The recent New World Coins server consolidation has attracted the attention of a large part of players, and it also means that more mergers will follow. Therefore, some players have begun to consult news related to Regional Transfers.

The subject of region transfers may be coming up since the beginning, when demand was overwhelming. Amazon doubled the volume of servers, promising free transfers later in the event you started on a lesser population server. It was then says the server transfers promised only applied inside same region, but a megathread about the forums with community manager and dev support was developed to see if the interest rate was there for region transfers.

At the starting of December, that thread was closed that has a notice that there will probably be two possible solutions they might try on the subject of regional transfers. Since one of many questions posed towards the community was whether or not would prefer an alternative based on speed of delivery in order to wait longer but have a very more polished option, it became clearer what this could mean heading into 2022.

"There is clearly involvement in cross-region server transfers. While we have plans to have an elegant solution ultimately, were currently focusing on a near-term solution which will get you towards the region you need to be in (though housing ownership will likely be impacted). Work is ongoing but we estimate the near term solution will likely be available in early 2022."

Since it continues to be a while, anymore fearless. server merges might have impacted player experiences more, yesterday, Community Manager TrevzorFTW updated in reaction to a new request. He says that this team is actively focusing on region transfers and can share more details when they are ready. It looks like this near-term choice is still within the works, but we’ll ought to wait for the coming weeks to Buy New World Coins determine the initial resolution plans.

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You may still be distressed about how to challenge the bosses in the two new raids, so you may not believe that someone cleared all the enemies in the raids just a few hours after the update. The guild that achieved this feat was Progress from Europe, and they were well prepared before the game was updated. Maybe you can learn something from their preparations, such as configuring better armor for the tanks in the team, or buying better Burning Crusade Classic Gold weapons for mages. Of course, you need to prepare enough WOW TBC Gold for this, and the service of MMOWTS may be able to help you.

In fact, there are some players who expected this. Because the release sequence of the new content in Burning Crusade Classic is basically the same as the original version, and professional challengers have conducted enough investigations on the new Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep in the PTR. There is no doubt that the fully understood monster cannot pose a fatal threat to these guild members.

Firemaw realm is the main base of Progress, and they are the first WOW TBC Gold guild to accomplish this feat. During the challenge, they not only succeeded in clearing all the enemies in these two raids, but also the first to complete Serpentshrine Cavern killing Lady Vashj. The first guild to kill Kael'thas after the update was one of their biggest competitors, named SALAD BAKERS, and the guild successfully cleared the Tempest Keep.

After that, only Progress and another guild called BEEF BAR entered the final stage. Although each team succeeded in bringing down the boss within 1 minute, Progress still relied on a huge time advantage to rank among the top.

Tetsu, one of the members from Progress, provided some highlights of the guild’s challenge in the live broadcast. If you are interested in this part, you can check it out. Ordinary players are more concerned about how they can successfully defeat these two powerful bosses. My suggestion is two points: First, you should join a reliable team that can survive the battle with a reasonably configured team; second, you should buy some WOW TBC Gold from MMOWTS, and then use these gold to find some better ones in the auction house. Equip and buy them, they can greatly improve your various attributes, allowing you to play a greater role in the battle.
Players of World of Warcraft TBC Classic have recently been very concerned about news related to Phase 3 content, and currently players can experience these content in advance on the PTR. Recently, some players discovered that Blizzard had weakened the Dark Temple and the Battle of Hyjal, which seemed to break the promise made by the developers.

Judging from the current situation, if the battle plan in the PTR is officially applied to the current server, it is very clear what Blizzard will do in WOW TBC Classic. Simply put, the staged WOW TBC Gold raid will provide the original boss challenge when it first comes out. When the new content of the next stage is updated, the monsters and bosses in these raids will be weakened, which looks exactly the same as the original Burning Crusade release.

The performance of the weakened version of the boss
Players have posted some evidence on the forum about the weakening of the boss in the Dark Temple and the Battle of Hyjal. Most players who participated in WOW TBC Classic Phase 3 PTR stated that this is indeed the case:
The trash opponents from Hyjal, for example, dropped Heart of Darkness, which was actually only implemented with patch 2.2 at the time.
    The prismatic aura of mother Sharaz is said to be the nerfed version, which would have a noticeable effect on the boss strategy and the level of difficulty.
    The damage from Mother Sharaz's Fateful Affair does not match the original version either (1,000 instead of 3,000 damage per tick).
    In the case of Archimonde, the weakened variants of fear, soul burden and stranglehold have also been reported.
    And anyway, the Raid-DpS is so high that even an Illidan doesn't even use skills like dark barrage or his eye ray.

Blizzard responded to this
Last weekend, the administrator of the game community joined the discussion and gave a specific response to this situation. He said in the post that in WOW TBC Classic, each raid has only one version. These raids that appeared in the original Burning Crusade only got some simple adjustments, and all the bugs have been fixed. The current test version in the PTR will be applied to the official server without any accident.
Afterwards, the community manager released an article and added that for the Sunwell Plateau, which will be open to players in the last WOW TBC Classic Gold phase, Blizzard may provide an original version and a weakened version.

Considering that it is difficult for most players to get the best gear, even the weakened version of the boss is a very difficult challenge for players. So you should quickly make your characters stronger before the game is updated. You need to find the most suitable items such as weapons and armors in the auction house. A large number of WOW TBC Gold can help you solve this problem. After purchasing TBC Classic Gold at MMOWTS, you can choose any item you want in the game and buy it directly.
2021 is about to pass, and New World, which has received much attention this year, is still one of the games with the largest number of players on Steam. If the game hasn't experienced those loopholes or other quality issues that affect the game experience, the number of players in this game will be even greater. Recently, the developers showed their next work plan in a video. In the next few weeks, some errors will be completely fixed, and some new weapons and new systems such as Expedition Mutators will be introduced into New World, thereby Allow players to experience a deeper level of fun.

In the video, the person in charge of Amazon Game Studios stated that they will test it in the PTR before releasing new patches in the future to ensure that the patches will not cause any negative impact on existing games. Although this will affect the release efficiency of new content and reduce the functionality of each patch to a certain extent, the New World Coins development team believes that it is worthwhile because it will make all the features as useful as possible to players and greatly reduce the number of the error that will appear after the update.

Among all the new content, the most worthy of the players' attention is the enemies in the Expeditions in the game. When the update is completed, these enemies will get new modifiers every week, certain enemies may start exploding, for example, or when killed will leave a damaging area-of-effect players will need to avoid. Not only that, the player's attributes or Skills may also be weakened in Expeditions, allowing players to face more difficult challenges.
New World Coins
Another part of the new content that interests players the most is related to weapons. According to the introduction in the video, blunderbuss will be used as a brand new weapon for players to use, which is also the second firearm in the game. Unlike musket, blunderbuss are more suitable for short to mid-range combat. The person in charge said that blunderbuss will give users a sense of excitement, and more explosions and chaos will enhance this gaming experience. The developer also revealed other weapons that New World will introduce in the future, such as greatsword. In order to skillfully use this large weapon in battle, players need to use a feature called stance-switching. The dagger that some players really want will take longer to appear, because in the current development progress, the design of the dagger has not fully met the requirements of the game.

You can also look forward to the next chapter of the main story of New World. Narrative lead Rob Chestney said that the first chapter of the main story will be completed soon, when players will get new quests. The long-awaited new functions for destroying objects and scenes are also under development. In order to reduce the cost of players using fast travel, the team is also preparing to adjust the function and add more fast travel shrines. Undiscovered shrines will become more prominent on the map, allowing players to find them in a larger area. If you want to get a better quality of life in New World, the service from is essential. Players on any server can buy the cheapest New World Coins on Newworldcoins without worrying about security issues. The security of Newworldcoins has been verified by tens of thousands of players around the world, and it is an absolutely safe seller.
Although many people have been singing bad news about New World in the recent period and thinking that this game will die overnight, it is indeed slowly developing while experiencing growing pains. If you compare New World after multiple updates with the situation when the New World Coins game was first released, you will find that it has changed a lot. Recently, the developers tried to make some adjustments to the controversial endgame gear changes and admitted that some of the changes they designed before were wrong.

This change on high-level content was tested in PTR in advance, so it has not had any impact on ordinary players. Players who want to acquire powerful weapons or armors can still use New World Coins to buy items they want from other players. If you are not aware of this change in PTR, please allow me to introduce it to you.

In the developer's expectation, the High Water Mark system will be renamed Expertise, and the player's power will be weakened. This makes many players feel dissatisfied and they post complaints in the gaming community. Amazon quickly put forward a new plan and stated that they will try to achieve this goal without reducing the player's existing power. For this reason, all existing items in the game will not be involved, including crafted gear, quest loot and all items bought from the Faction shops.

The developers said in a tweet that they initially thought Gear Score scaling was temporary, because players can find new ways to regain their lost power. The performance of the players made them aware of the error, so they will only modify the newly produced items after the patch.

In other words, if players don't want to engange in the Expertise system, they can still use past items to equip themselves. But for top players, the gear enhanced with the Expertise system has better potential and growth. The in-game economy may also be affected by this update, because some crafted gear may become more precious, and players who need such items are willing to spend more New World Gold to buy them.

For those players who still haven't reached level 60, this change may make the game more difficult. The newly introduced Gypsum currency can offset this effect to a certain extent, so the Expertise system is worthy of in-depth study. An easier way is to buy better items from other players before buying New World Coins on, so that any difficulties will not cause you trouble.
In New World, the characters created by players only differ in gender and appearance, but there is no distinction of class, because the concept of class does not exist in the game. What skills a player can use depends entirely on the type of weapon the player is currently using. There are many types of weapons in the game and each weapon has a unique skill tree. If you want to know which weapon combination is better, please continue reading this guide.

Want to be a ranged DPS? Musket & Rapier is an excellent choice
The musket and rapier combination is just about the first and oldest that players discovered and coded in New World. These weapons have already been available since beta, and despite some minor New World Coins tweaks in recent patches, they remain this is the same as a result of the Talent Trees. The Attributes that determine a character's skill with your weapons depend on both Dexterity as being a primary score and Intelligence being a secondary one, which streamlines the leveling process.
The interest in this combination can also be due to how straightforward it's. No matter what Talent Tree is employed for either of such weapons, every role is often a variation on damage per second, or DPS rating, making it easier to understand different builds.

Warhammer, Sword and Shield forces you to an unstoppable warrior
Players that value Strength for an Attribute rather than Intelligence can transport these impressive weapons. This build forgoes ranged damage abilities, but such a role is a lot more about PvP and party-based content like Expeditions and Corrupted Invasions, therefore it is a fair trade.
As with lots of of the ideal combinations, both of those weapons share precisely the same primary Attribute scores. The Warhammer could be the more efficient from the two, relying only on Strength with out other score. Sword and shield proficiency also will depend on Dexterity like a secondary Attribute score.

Want to aid and heal your teammate? Use Life Staff, Void Gauntlet
The only healing weapon in New World can also be the sole beneficiary from the Focus Attribute score. This is why the mixture with the Life Staff is gonna be one from the more tricky to determine. However, a higher Focus skill does mean improved mana recovery and spellcasting rates, in order that it makes sense to equip another magical item to be a secondary weapon.
The Void Gauntlet, a brand new entry to the New World armory, fits nicely here. It's the first weapon hanging around that scales with both Intelligence and Focus. The Ice Gaunlet can also be a New World Gold fair choice but that weapon is much more about crowd control (CC) instead of DPS in support of uses Intelligence becasue it is main Attribute, therefore the choice depends entirely on the character's unique build.

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In the original World of Warcraft, Burning Crusade is regarded by many players as the best expansion of the game. And now, with the end of WOW Classic Era, Blizzard has determined that it will release Burning Crusade Classic. For those players who like TBC, this may be the best news this year. Of course, before the official release of the expansion, Blizzard gave players the opportunity to choose-you can stay in Classic Era and experience level 60 content, or transfer one of your characters to the new TBC Classic server. In the TBC Classic server, the player's level cap will be increased to 70.

TBC Classic Pre-Patch Info
In the "World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade," players arrive at look forward towards the Battle for that Dark Portal, Highlord Kruul, and fighting a number of demonic invaders. In addition, players might also play the new Blood Elf and Draenei characters after it released.
Blood Elves from your horde have 10 available classes in-game. Their Racial Traits include Arcane Acuity, Arcane Torrent, Arcane Affinity and Magic Resistance. Generally, Blood Elves have high magic disruptive abilities while being moderately skilled in mystical TBC Classic Gold arts and critical strike chances.
Draenei could well be introduced as being the Spiritual Exiles. There are eight available classes just for this race. Their Racial Traits includes Gift from the Naaru, Heroic Presence, Shadow Resistance and Gemcutting. Although not as destructive as Blood Elves, Draenei features a high level of natural resistance, especially against shadow magic. They have a large amount of passive talent, including a healing chance to restore allies' health.
The two new races are simply just teasers for the exciting new content inside the "World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade."

Everything about Character Transfer
Unfortunately, time is running out to the grinding season. It takes around 100-plus hours to level a character to 60, and then there are barely a fortnight left prior to expansion on June 1. So what if you ever do of these last few days?
First, you need to choose the characters you intend to keep or move inside "Burning Crusade" servers.
If you intend to keep your characters both in the "Classic Era" as well as the new "Burning Crusade," Gamespot suggested purchasing the character cloning service. For $35 per character, you obtain two copies on a single character, one on each server. More details on cloning your characters can be bought in this article.
Second, with the characters you wish to move, make sure you Burning Crusade Classic Gold level them nearly 58 to qualify with the crossover.
You can try purchasing $39.99 Dark Portal Pass to level improve your characters immediately. However, realize that the Dark Portal Pass can't be used on Blood Elf or Draenei characters.
Last, you might purchase a cosmetic bundle to jump-start your "Burning Crusade" expedition.

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It has been a few months since the official release of New World, most players have reached the level cap and are currently busy preparing for the endgame content. And there are still some players who lack time are still in the process of leveling. Are you one of this group of leveling players? Want to reach the level cap faster? Please continue reading this article, you may be able to find a more suitable leveling method for you.

Main story quests is the most important XP source
First of all, you should focus most of your New World Coins attention on main story quests. This is the most important way to get XP in New World. In fact, you can not only get a lot of XP from these quests, but you can also know which areas you are most suitable to explore through the plot. Of course, there are many other side quests in the game. But if you don't want to miss those indispensable basic items, be sure to complete every main story quest you encounter.

Don't miss any lore page
As soon when you begin exploring Aeternum, you'll start noticing lore notes essentially wherever you go. They're difficult to miss, on account of their blue glow and getting together with them provides you with a small volume of XP.
It's not worth losing sight of your way to consider them, but even that tiny volume of XP can add up over time. You'll see a lot of these notes if you are carrying out quest objectives or trying to find resources to get together, therefore it is worth simply clicking them when you find them.

Territory standing XP bonus is really helpful
Aeternum's map is cracked into territories which might be governed by the settlement, for instance First Light, Windward and the like. As you perform quests along with other activities during these areas, you'll boost your standing with these. Each time you level that up, you may choose one of numerous perks to activate because region. If the XP Boost choice is there, buy it to gain that bonus for everyone quests and activities you do because territory.

Doing faction missions is a good way to get XP bonus
The first three faction quests you are doing each day provide you with a significant XP bonus, therefore it is worth picking them up before moving out. You can check your day-to-day bonus allowance near the top of the faction board if you pick up and hand during these quests.

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