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Saving money is one of the top concerns when you are studying abroad. Students get so invested in the thought of their dream universities abroad; they forget that they require a considerable amount of capital to survive. From daily meals, traveling, accommodation to entertainment, everything will cost you money.

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Financing your study abroad program will be the most challenging and least fun part of your entire learning process. Today, I will share some of the effective ways you can save money so that you do not have to stress about money in an unknown place. It is common for students to face a financial crunch once they leave their homes to study abroad.

Some even end up paying too much for daily commodities and later struggle to meet their expenses.

In this blog post, I am going to share 20 tacky yet effective ways you can save money while studying abroad. These tips are approved by some of the proficient essay help writers.

  1. Find alternate to textbooks

Another thing that students tend to forget when they plan their time abroad is the money they will require for textbooks. Costs of textbooks can cost up to so much that it may become unbearable for students. As an alternative plan, you can find a second-hand textbook or find if they are available online. If you are a literature major student, you can rely upon Gutenberg Online.

  1. Get rid of the mobile

When you are so far away from home, it is quite understandable for students to stay in touch with family and friends. However, calling or texting on your mobile can be expensive than you can imagine. Instead, sign up for free services like Skype and ask your families and friends to do as well. This way, you will be able to stay in touch with your family members and friends and talk to them all day long for free. It offers some of the cheapest rates for calling landlines and foreign mobiles. It can save you a lot of fortune.

  1. Meet some pocket change

The easiest way to make money on exchange is by babysitting, tutoring, and translating. Consider checking psychology labs at local universities if you do not want to commit to anything drastic. Such labs are often looking for participants for studies, and they will pay you after you spend an hour answering a survey or working on some sort of a mindless task.

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  1. Cook by yourself When you are away from home, cooking is the greatest option to save money. You do not need superior skills to cook edible foods. There are several dishes which you can easily make by yourself without even turning on your sleeves. Take, for instance, you can easily make salads by cutting up fresh vegetables and tossing them together. You still be able to lead a healthy lifestyle and stay on the budget at the same time.
    1. Ask for student discounts

    If you live on a tight budget, consider asking for discounts or negotiating with sellers for a better price. Unfortunately, sometimes students forget to ask for a student discount. But this can be sued as a serious saving to more expensive purchases.

      1. Get a bikeMinimize the use of laundryInstead of using washing machines frequently, consider washing clothes only when you have full loads. You need to understand the number of times you are using a washing machine; you will be using the same amount of detergent and electricity. Students are advised to use powdered detergent rather than using liquid detergents.
        1. Utilize happy hours

        If you wish to drink outside, choose a place that has happy hours. You will be able to enjoy yourself and also save money at the same time. Use the students’ ID as a discount coupon to save money.

        Sacrifice your ease of travel by choosing the lowest-priced airline that you may afford. It will save a considerable amount of money on the flight. If you are planning to study in the USA, consider using allegiant air’, ‘JetBlue’, and ‘Spirit Airlines’.

      Expensive car rides were never designed for students who have limited money to stay with. Even public transports daily can prove to be expensive. But if you are someone who wants to explore the city on your terms, get yourself a second-hand bike. You may also subscribe to public bike-sharing systems that are becoming quite common in more and more cities worldwide. You will never be late anywhere. No longer will you have to worry about missing the last train, and you will have the freedom to explore cute side streets that you would not have noticed otherwise.

      1. Find part-time job

      Keeping a part-time job along your side is worth it, especially if you want to have extra money to go out with friends for movies, drinks, or get into a restaurant. Students mostly can manage up to 20 hours alongside their studies. Research what kind of work is suitable for you before applying for your position.

    1. Check your conditions of visa before you look for work. This is because there are countries that do not allow international students to take work outside their studies. You can find information on this from government websites.
      1. Make use of apps

There are several smartphone apps that can save your time with minimal effort. For example, you can use the CurrencyConverter app to ensure currency exchanges do not rip you off. In addition, apps like MoneyWise will help you keep track of your spending and also help you understand where your money is going.

  1. Seek help from

Amidst part-time jobs and everything, it can be strenuous to manage your coursework or assignments. Moreover, international students struggle with adapting to the new education system. But hiring online experts can be quite expensive. But not if you choose an affordable essay help service such as

  1. Eat at the university cafeteria

There will be days when you do not have enough time to cook, but you cannot possibly attend an early class on an empty stomach. The best affordable way to fill your stomach is by eating at your university cafeteria. A cafeteria is a place known for having the lowest prices of food. It is also the best place to eat if you are short on money as well as time.

  1. Cancel memberships that you are not planning to use

You have made promises to yourself about using the gym three times a week or something else. But you failed to keep up to your promise. How many times must it have happened to you? It is time that you cut down the membership that you do not plan to use. It will save a lot of money.

  1. Avoid impulse buy

Instant gratification had been the top reason for people losing money. You must start thinking about long-term savings. Before you purchase anything, ask yourself, “Do I really need this now?” Then, start thinking of all the things that you will require purchasing eventually. Thinking about those will make you care enough not to buy impulsively.

  1. Look for free entertainment

Whenever you travel to a new place, you will find local spots and locations worth checking out. But what you may not know are big citiestend to have many free entertainment avenues that you may not be aware of. So what you must do is search for them and visit them to splurge in your free time. Parks, museums,

  1. Buy brands from the wholesale department store

At home, you might be used to buying food items and brands of leading companies. But you can save a few dollars or pounds into becoming a huge amount at the end of the year. When visiting a whole departmental store, keep an out for the store’s own brand of products. They will be cheaper than the costly brands.

  1. Sell your gently used clothing

Another effective way to make money is by buying, trading, and selling used clothes. It is a popular trend for people of all incomes and ages. Look out for a consignment shop in your neighbourhood and pack all trendy clothes that you do not want to wear. Then, you can sell your clothes from the comfort of your home and earn a great sum of money.

  1. Get travel health insurance

Make sure you get yourself a student travel health insurance that will cover your medical charges for the duration of your journey. In addition, you will be able to find the names and locations of doctors who can direct you from your university abroad.

  1. Shop smart

Consider buying a week’s worth of meals instead of buying a few days at a time. It will save you money in the long run. This way, it will stop you from impulsively adding items to your list of purchases.


It is completely fine if you are still learning to become an adult on your own. But it is never too late to admit it and trying your best to save on your own. This is the first time you are staying away from your family. You have grown up, and now it is your time to lead an independent life. It will be a learning experience of how to save your money and stay within a budget,

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Quality and deadline are two prime reasons for students to look for homework help services online. However, most students manage to comply with just either of them while they do it themselves. Though you can avail for writing professionals to handle your academic tasks, this can be threatening to make it a habit.

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One must start at earliest with their assignments once it is given. Unfortunately, many students have a habit of postponing every day’s work for tomorrow. So, such practices are definitely not going to help you meet writing expectations.

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  1. Collect relevant notes

Students can gather related information on the topic from various sources such as the internet, books, journals, articles, etc. You can also bookmark few relevant sources for further references.

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  1. Do regular exercises

Exercises and yoga not just keep you physically fit but also enhance your brain activities. It will help you become more quick and creative with everything you do. So, one shall make it a habit to go for regular exercises for their complete well-being.

Moreover, yoga is known to gift you with extraordinary concentration power and balanced work life.

  1. Don’t stress about your work

Stress kills all your enthusiasm and ability to do work. So, no matter what, do not start to write on something while you are not in your best mood. Things will go negative, and you might end up in a more terrible state later.

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  1. Authentic content

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Choosing a shade for your lipstick still seems simpler next to choosing good essay topics. This is the most important part of the essay writing process, which students often take for granted. It will be hard to demonstrate analysis or critical skills if you choose the wrong topic.

You will open up to a world of possible essay topics by following the steps below:

 Instructions for your essay will contain guidelines that will help you arrive at a broader essay topic. You should make connections by building the gap between your readings and prompt. You will find impressive topics within the common links.

  • Conduct the basic research

After you are familiar with general topics, make sure to do some basic research. Do not forget to cross-check with your prescribed readings or textbook to ensure your choice of topic is relevant to your class. You can use the process to figure out whether you have an interest in the topic or not.

  • Avoid choosing too broad or too narrow essay topics

If the topic you choose makes you feel like you are grasping at too any straws, it means your topic is too broad. You will have to narrow it down to a more specific essay topic. On the other hand, if you do not have enough to say, your topic is far too specific. This only suggests that you should broaden the scope of the essay.

  • Make sure the topic has enough resources

You should pick a topic that has enough research sources. It will take twice the time and effort to work with the topic that comes with limited sources. You will have a hard time writing essay topics, and thus make sure to avoid such essay topics.

  • Consult your professors

If you still cannot decide about the topic or have too many, ask a professor for a second opinion. They will have a fresher perspective and give you insights into the most suitable topic for you. In addition, they can help you figure out the topic for your essay paper.

Do not hesitate to change the essay topic if the circumstances do not allow it. For example, sometimes you may start with a topic thinking it is the right one for you, but after writing a few paragraphs, you realize it is incorrect. You can also seek essay writing help if you do not have enough time to switch to another topic and start over again.

Apply these tips whenever you have trouble with selecting topics for your essay writings.

College can give you one of the most challenging times for sure. Be it your struggle with essay topics or assignments or finance; you have a lot to deal with alone. Being far away from home gets you thinking about investment. While you feel the investment is only reserved for the wealthy. As a student, you should start thinking about your finances to secure your future. Here are 3 tips that will make the job easier for you.

  1. Consider Savings Account

Creating an account specifically related to your savings is an excellent way to start. Open high yield savings account with a reputed bank. These accounts have lucrative interest options on your deposits, and they are much higher than traditional accounts. Moreover, they offer you the flexibility to withdraw your premium anytime.

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Not most people do not think about savings accounts when it comes to investments. But this is by far the safest option available. You will have a fixed interest rate in exchange for your money committed to the bank for a specified time. So, these accounts are an excellent way to park your money.

  1. Invest A Little Each Month

As a student, you might have financial restraints. For example, you need to pay for your accommodation; some also need essay writing services to complete their assignments. Others work part-time to cover the expenses. An excellent way to start is by keeping aside a tiny amount as soon as a new month starts.

Regardless what is essential is to get started. Even if it is not a lot to start investing with, you can enter the saving world with a modest amount. Once you begin, you will be more motivated to follow. Moreover, this will also encourage you to research about your saving options and analyse your expenses.

  1. Turn To an App

Turning to an app is the easiest way to simplify your investing process. These apps allow you to buy individual stocks from a range of profiles. Moreover, they do not take a considerable amount to get started with. So, if you want to learn something about investment yourself, this is an excellent place to begin.

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In addition, these apps are easy to use, and the purchases differ from service to service. However, chose only the legit ones to save yourself from apps. The stock market can be a dangerous world to enter, so make sure not to get carried away with it.

If you are struggling to manage your expenses, here are some budgeting tips.

Research is not something you do in every other academic assignment of yours. Most of us do it once or twice in a lifetime and require the best research essay help tips, and services to make it worth all the efforts. It takes a considerable amount of time, energy, concentration to prepare one research project. So, it is primarily imperative to get accustomed to all the tips and tricks to mold your efforts in the right direction. The below-given points will help you for same.

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1. Choose topic carefully

One crucial guideline while choosing your topic is, ‘do not select something you fantasize or romanticize about; instead, go with your passion.’ This tip applies to both topic and career selection. Before deciding what you want to write, you must find the answer for why you want to write it and how much you know about it. Once you get the answers for these, the selection of some suitable topic will become far easier.

2. Start in an organized way

Well-strategized execution for any job or project makes it easier to finish the task qualitatively. So, plan before you start to write on any topic. Students must be accustomed to the correct format and should strictly follow it. Even if you are looking for any of my assignment help reviews tips regarding any subject, you will routinely work as one of the most repeated tips for students. 

3. Accept the facts

If you do thorough research, you might get acquainted with the facts and information which are not in accordance with your beliefs. However, one must learn to accept it and proceed with their incorrect research manner as a responsible student. Though you might take the assistance of various research paper help services to get into the crux of the matter, one shall never make statements biasedly.

4. Be attentive with the bibliography.

The bibliography is one of the most crucial sections of any research works or project. It clarifies your intention of maintaining the originality and authenticity of your content. Moreover, it also helps readers to land the targeted URL without any extra effort. This facilitates easy understanding and a comprehensive view of the picture. It will also enable your readers to understand the context of your writing. So, one shall maintain utmost care while making the bibliography section of their research.


Students shall not mistake taking their Coursework help for granted. It might heavily cost them their entire performance during college. So, one must follow these above-given tips for better results.