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Three master's degree programs

Johns Hopkins graduate programs in engineering and nursing were ranked among the top online master's programs in the country, according to new rankings released today by U.S. News & World Report.To get more news about master Degree in Management, you can visit official website.

For the second year in a row, the School of Nursing's online nursing master's degree options in administration and leadership are ranked No. 2 in the country. The school is currently ranked No. 1 for its master's degree in rankings released by U.S. News in May and No. 3 for its Doctor of Nursing Practice program.

The School of Nursing offers three master's tracks, including the MSN Entry into Nursing Program and the MSN Healthcare Organizational Leadership and MSN Healthcare Organizational Leadership/MBA, which are both delivered online. Collectively, the school is ranked No. 9 for its online programs.

"Our online master's offering continues to be top-ranked for its excellence in preparing nurse leaders to deliver and manage health care across all settings," says Patricia Davidson, dean of the School of Nursing. "The online component offers scheduling flexibility and the opportunity for students to practice within organizations close to their home."

The Whiting School of Engineering maintained its No. 2 standing among online computer information technology programs. It moved up two spots to No. 11 in rankings of online engineering programs and is tied with Texas A&M University, College Station, and University of Florida.This year, for the first time, civil engineering was included among specialties ranked, and Whiting's online program landed at No. 4.

"For nearly two decades, our program has steadily evolved, with innovations in instructional techniques that provide students with the support, knowledge, and experiences they need to advance their careers," says Dan Horn, associate dean for Engineering for Professionals. "These programs and courses always reflect the latest in technologies, ensuring that our students apply what they learn to real-world situations."

U.S. News rankings for online graduate programs are categorized into seven disciplines and are based on scores in five weighted areas: opportunities for student engagement, faculty credentials and training, expert opinion of the program, student services and available technologies, and student excellence.

free online master's programs

Belhaven University is offering free online master's degree programs to traditional students amid the COVID-19 pandemic.To get more news about Master's degress program, you can visit official website.

“In the midst of this dramatic rise in COVID-19 infections, we cannot operate in normal ways and expect a good outcome,” Belhaven University President Roger Parrott said in a press release. “I’m thrilled we can be the only university in America responding to COVID-19 with such an innovative solution that will propel our students academically and in their future careers.”

The scholarship is for freshmen, transfers, and all returning students who enroll for the fall semester’s traditional campus program. Students must also stay enrolled every semester as a full-time, traditional-campus student until they graduate. The full-tuition scholarship can be used for any of Belhaven University’s Online Master’s Degrees.“This will not be the year our students planned when they first dreamed about going to college," Parrott said. "Free master’s degrees is our way of helping our students push through these hard adjustments, in order to succeed at an even higher level educationally."

Analysis of February 2021 Twitter Takedowns

On February 12, 2021 Twitter shared with the Stanford Internet Observatory accounts and tweets associated with four distinct takedowns. These datasets were made public today. They include:To get more twitter latest news, you can visit shine news official website.

In this post we summarize our analysis of these operations. We have also written three in-depth whitepapers, one on the anti-Azerbaijan operation, one on the Iran operation, and one on both of the Russia operations, linked at the top of the page.

This network, which advanced narratives critical of Azerbaijan and favorable toward Armenia, included 72,960 tweets dating back to 2014. Accounts quoted Azerbaijani state messaging with intermittent pro-Armenian messaging in an attempt to masquerade as Azerbaijani accounts. 

The most noteworthy tactic in this network was the creation of accounts pretending to be Azerbaijani government officials. One of these accounts was created in 2014, and changed its handle in 2020 to impersonate the Minister of Foreign Affairs. This is not the first time this tactic has been used. In October 2020 Twitter announced the suspension of a network of accounts linked to the government of Saudi Arabia that created accounts pretending to be an interim Qatari government in exile. One of these accounts, @QtrGov, was created in 2016 and had over 90,000 followers, and there is strong evidence that it did not use this handle prior to 2020. By combining an old creation date and handle switching, information operations can create the impression of account legitimacy. It is possible that @QtrGov used spammy follow-back behavior to grow its following, then wiped its tweets and changed its handle. 

On the one hand, there are reasons to not be too worried about this tactic. In both operations, Twitter users called out the accounts as fake. And for the operation described in this report, the fake government accounts got at most a few hundred followers. At the same time, this tactic has potential to mislead people. Several of the government officials impersonated in this network lacked their own official Twitter accounts, creating a search vacuum. In an example described in the report, a Google Knowledge Panel for one of these government officials linked to the fake Twitter account.

Trevor Bauer's Twitter antics are becoming a distraction for him and the Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer star is known for partly his online presence. Bauer got into it on Twitter with New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard over the weekend as the two trolled each other, posted screenshots of comments and traded some social media barbs.To get more twitter news, you can visit shine news official website.

David Samson broke down the impact these online situations can have on the players and their teams on Monday's episode of "Nothing Personal with David Samson."

Samson, the former Marlins president, introduced the topic saying, "You know we sign these players, we want them to be good, we want them to perform, we want to win, we want rings. We sign players who we hope we're getting a bargain, we hope we're not overpaying too much, we hope winning the offseason translates to winning the season. We hope, we hope, we hope."

He said the Dodgers signed Bauer because they wanted to repeat, and that they had to answer to what the San Diego Padres did this winter. L.A. inked Bauer to a three-year, $102 million deal earlier this month. Samson says he gets it, but also says you have to really look at the player you're signing.The podcast host says that eventually, it has to go to someone higher up. "I want to tell you from a front office standpoint, at what point do we have to get involved?" he asks.

Samson says they would need to tell him that you don't want to provide bulletin board material to any other team. They should explain they're not trying to muzzle or mute him, but ask if he will give them the "30-second rule," which is taking 30 seconds to review whether that is something good to tweet, Samson explained.

"Players have enough distractions right now," Samson says and adds that more distractions will come from this when the questions come at media availabilities.

"These types of distractions hurt a team, Samson concludes. "To me, Bauer's off to a bad start."

Grosvenor Asia Pacific and Shui On Land Jointly Acquire Nanjing IFC

Grosvenor Asia Pacific and Shui On Land Limited (“Shui On Land”, Stock Code: 272), Shui On Group’s flagship property development company in Mainland China, announced today a 50/50 joint-venture to acquire a mixed-use Grade A landmark property, located at No. 1 Hanzhong Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province.To get more shui on land news, you can visit shine news official website.

With the project commanding a total gross floor area of 109,196 square metres, and consisting of a 45-storey Grade A office tower, a 7-storey retail podium, as well as 278 underground parking lots, this acquisition is one of Grosvenor Asia Pacific’s most significant investments to date and also a milestone for Shui On Land to grow its presence in Nanjing, in addition to its Nanjing INNO Zhujiang Lu and Bai Zi Ting projects.

As a leading city in the Yangtze River Delta region (YRD), Nanjing continues to demonstrate strong growth, underpinned by a diversified industrial base, excellent universities, a highly skilled labour force and structural integration with the wider YRD. Nanjing IFC is a landmark building prominently located at Xinjiekou, Nanjing’s most prestigious commercial address. The area is a popular retail and social destination, attracting a large volume of pedestrian footfall.

Nanjing IFC generates strong and stable rental income, with the office building occupied by an impressive tenant roster, which spans different companies and industries, including MetLife, AIA, KFC, MSD, Roche, Sinokorea Life, Boehringer-Ingelheim and Pramerica Fosun. The joint-venture will further add value by upgrading the office tower and repositioning the retail podium in order to benefit more broadly from Nanjing’s excellent economic and demographic fundamentals. 

This investment marks the effective execution of both joint-venture parties’ strategies. Grosvenor’s Greater China strategy focuses on strategic residential and commercial joint-ventures with best-in-class partners in high-growth city submarkets in the Yangtze Delta Region and the Greater Bay Area. For Shui On Land, the investment aligns with its Asset Light Strategy of collaborating with strategic partners to invest in prime commercial property assets and to expand its assets under management.

Jack Ma's Ant IPO Tests China's Tolerance of Entrepreneurship

China has made a habit of confounding many of the predictions made about it beyond the main one of growth. Prognosticators and pundits have long made calls on how opening the economy would move China along the road to more of a democratic model. While China has opened up in many, many ways in the past few decades, President Xi Jinping has removed his own term limits and looks to be consolidating more power in the ruling party. So in some ways, China is moving further away from democratic reform even as it continues down the road of opening its economy.To get more news about ant finance, you can visit shine news official website.

The version of the market economy that China has embraced is similarly uneven. Owning a small to medium-sized business in China is encouraged, and entrepreneurship was a major driver of growth in the economy. Due to the scale of China's economy, many medium-sized businesses are in fact quite large in terms of global ranking. However, large sections of the domestic economy still have state-owned enterprises (SOEs) at the top, which work in concert with regulators.

Somehow, China still continues to push ahead through what appears to be a maze of contradictions to outside observers. Case in point: we are looking at the seeming censure of Jack Ma, one of China's most successful tech entrepreneurs, but this saga is playing out at the same time as China is poised to give unprecedented access to its financial sector to Wall Street investment banks.2

Jack Ma is China's richest person, and he created that wealth through Alibaba Holding Group Limited (BABA) and its payment and financial service twin Ant Group that grew out of Alipay—a system designed to support the core e-commerce business. The two companies taken together have an enormous presence in China and have enjoyed surprisingly little regulatory pushback up until now.

There were skirmishes between Ma's companies and the Chinese regulators, but the intensity has been heating up in the past few years. Alibaba now finds itself under an antitrust investigation, Ant is in the targets of regulators at the People's Bank of China (the central bank), and new draft antimonopoly rules seem squarely aimed at Ma's empire, as they deal specifically with consumer data and differential pricing. The question is why this is all happening now.

The answer seems to be that Ma upset the wrong people. A speech given by Ma in Shanghai in October where he was very critical of regulators has been reported as the trigger for President Xi personally intervening to halt the IPO and force Ant Group to shrink down to a pure payments service.3

Whereas Alibaba sticks largely to e-commerce, Ant's fintech presence ultimately encroaches on an area where SOEs still rule—banking and financial services. So even as China opens up part of its financial sector to foreign financial firms, it is moving to rein in homegrown competition to state-owned commercial banks.

Antai College of Economics and Management, or ACEM, at Shanghai Jiao Tong University is nurturing the next global business leaders with its well-designed MBA dual-degree programs.To get more news about Antai business college, you can visit official website.

The dual-degree programs, first offered in 2012, allow qualified students to spend one year at a foreign university. Upon graduation, students will earn degrees from both schools. ACEM’s partner universities are IE Business School in Spain, Tulane University and Rice University in the United States and ESCP Europe.

IE Business School was founded in 1973 and now attracts approximately 1,900 students from 90 countries and regions each year. Up to five qualified candidates from ACEM’s dual-degree pathways can enroll in IE Business School every year.

ACEM and Tulane partner in offering a fast-track MBA, and the Global MBA and Master of Global Management dual-degree option. Candidates are selected from the first-year ACEM MBA program and successful candidates spend one year on Tulane Freeman GMBA or MGM.Rice University partnered with ACEM in 2016 to offer an MBA and Master of Accounting dual-degree program aimed to nurture accounting and management professionals with international perspectives.

The partnership with ESCP Europe, one of the oldest business schools in the world with six campuses in Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Warsaw and Turin, started in 2012. The Master of Business Management and Master in Management dual-degree program allows students to experience ESCP’s flagship Master in Management program. Each year up to five students from ACEM may choose to participate in this program by studying at ESCP for one year.

Alexandra Cieplinska, a student from Poland, enrolled in the Master in Management program at ESCP Europe in 2017. She spent the first year in ESCP Europe and the second year in ACEM, and said ACEM’s dual-degree program benefited both her career and personal development.

“The double-degree program allows me to get to know both European and Chinese working cultures, and offers an opportunity to work with people from different countries and backgrounds,” Cieplinska said.She plans to look for a job in China upon completion, which is “a growing economy with many interesting career opportunities”.

“I would definitely like to challenge myself more and try to apply what I’ve learned in the workplace. Additionally, my experience in Europe would allow me to further develop my aspirations to become a truly international professional in its global meaning,” Cieplinska said. “I strongly believe that an international MBA program will enable me to develop myself as a future leader and will open for me the possibility to work in China.”The program is taught using a global business perspective with a Chinese focus, which is a perfect match for both my professional and personal goals,” she added.

Apart from the dual-degree programs, ACEM also has many tuition-free exchange programs for students. More than 60 of the world’s leading institutes, including MIT’s Sloan School of Management, The University of British Columbia and Nanyang Technological University, are available for students. Those universities offer more than 80 exchange positions to students in ACEM each year.

ACEM also receives delegations from top business schools around the world, including Wharton, USC, IE, Aarhus, Kyushu and KAIST, for informational exchanges. These visits not only help business schools from around the world to learn about China and its rapidly developing business education, but also give ACEM students opportunities to learn from other students at outstanding international universities.

Antai MBA Stands Out for Overall Satisfaction

MBA program from Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) ranks the world's No.53 according to the latest Financial Times Global MBA Ranking on February 8th 2021. Overall Satisfaction, a newly added item, is an average by alumni surveyed based on a total score of 10. Antai MBA ranks No.2 among a strong echelon of Asia-Pacific business schools with a high score of 9.33, only second to Tsinghua University. This number fully depicts the high recognition of Antai MBA program and its value by the alumni interviewed. As the only Chinese local business school listed among the global top 100 for eight consecutive years, SJTU Antai retains a firm position among the world's top 10 in terms of Employed at Three Months, Salary Percentage Increase and Career Progress Rank thanks to its continued excellence in talent education, branding and graduates' competitiveness.To get more news about Antai business college, you can visit official website.
In addition, the MBA program of SJTU Antai College ranks 61st among QS Global MBA Rankings in 2021, which becomes the only local business school in Chinese mainland elected among the top 100 for two consecutive years. "Business and Management" of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is also the only discipline of economics and management in Yangtze Delta region among the list of "World-Class Disciplines" according to Chinese Ministry of Education's "Dual World-Class" initiative to build world-class universities and world-class disciplines.
Both tier-1 academic discipline and professional master degree of SJTU Antai's Master of Business Administration Program rank A+ in accordance with the 4th Discipline Evaluation and first Professional Master Degree evaluation by Chinese Ministry of Education, while the college's management science and engineering ranks A, thus enabling the comprehensive strength of the college among the top 2 across the nation. The new strategy of "Two types of scholarship, horizontal (academic) and vertical (industry), reinforcing each other and connecting theory with practice" proposed by Dean Chen Fangruo who took office in 2018 aims to open up a new learning dimension that closely combines theory and practice for alumni and students, as well as strives to assume social responsibility of knowledge innovation and talent training as a top-tier business school. Behind the outstanding figures and results on various rankings at home and abroad highlight Antai MBA's profound cultivation of project quality and the school's ongoing investment of resources on projects.

The Saudi Center for Research and Intercommunication Knowledge has signed a cooperation agreement with the Economics and Technology Research Institute of the China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (Sinopec). The cooperation will be in the fields of research, publishing, translation and scientific exchanges.To get more news about china industry research centers, you can visit official website.
The signing took place during a visit to the institute’s headquarters in Beijing by the president of the Center for Research and Intercommunication Knowledge, Dr. Yahya bin Junaid.
He was welcomed by the institute’s President Dr. Dai Bao Hua and Vice President Dr. Wang Jun.
Bin Junaid said scientific centers and bodies in Saudi Arabia are interested in cooperating with counterparts in China and exchanging knowledge.
On Friday, three books on Saudi classical literature, which were translated into the Chinese language, were launched at a ceremony organized by the Beijing Teachers Qualification Publishing House.
The event was held in cooperation with the Center for Research and Intercommunication Knowledge, and the Department of Arabic Language at Beijing University for Foreign Studies.

Chinese rocket companies secure local government support for research

Two young Chinese rocket have secured deals with local governments for the establishment of major launch vehicle research and production facilities. The agreements made in September demonstrate ongoing and deepening support of commercial space endeavors by Chinese provincial and local governments.To get more news about china industry research centers, you can visit official website.

Beijing-based Galactic Energy will construct a base in Jianyang, a county-level city under the administration of Chengdu, a city of 16 million in southwest China. Chengdu is the provincial capital of Sichuan province and already hosts major traditional space sector activity.The facility in Jianyang will be for research, development and production of liquid propellant rocket engines for Galactic Energy’s Pallas series launch vehicles. The base has a planned total investment of about $225 million. A signing ceremony (Chinese) took place Sept. 3.

The partially reusable Pallas-1 will be capable of launching four metric tons to low Earth orbit (LEO) or two tons to Sun-synchronous orbit (SSO). A test flight is currently slated for late 2022.

Galactic Energy is currently preparing to launch its first rocket with the mission expected in early November. The Ceres-1 solid rocket is expected to launch from Jiuquan in the Gobi Desert carrying a single satellite. The mission is understood to be named Jianyang through sponsorship.

Ceres-1 consists of three solid stages using Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene fuel and a liquid propellant upper stage. The launcher will be capable of carrying a 350-kilogram payload to low Earth orbit.

Galactic Energy, full name Beijing Xinghe Dongli Space Technology Co. Ltd., was established in February 2018. The firm also raised $21.5 million in late 2019 and around $43 million in total.

Privately-funded rocket and small satellite companies have proliferated since 2014, when the central government opened up segments of the space sector to outside investment. A number of companies have secured arrangements with local governments across China to host their activities.

Other notable developments include a major commercial aerospace base in the city of Wuhan, central China, and the recent establishment of a coastal facility in the eastern province of Shandong for sea launches and launch vehicle and satellite production.

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