When I first began playing Runescape from Smarthuiyuan's blog

I think that rather than having"barrows armor" (those pointy spikes could hurt somebody) They should replace it with"Smiley fun fun armor" (Pillows duck-taped to individuals ) Tormented Demons should be altered into RS gold Smiley Demons, as tormented is a harsh word and not appropriate for children. They should censor the word silly and instead of pvp world we can have a PHP world (player hugs player). Saradomin ought to be lovadomin, Zamorak should be kindorak and guthix should huggix.

I had been thinking of doing monkey madness sometime shortly. I heard 50 range is enough to select the jungle demon down should you guards weaken him up. Do any of you think I might have trouble doing monkey madness? 52 range. I was thinking if I did do it. I bring complete blue d'hide. Magicshort bow and like 100 rune arrows take down fast. But I want do tree gnome village quest. Also I do not got 43 prayer.

When I first began playing Runescape

On the guide here in sal's. Says alot about sporting pray amour would I really need that stuff? Also I read a whole lot things about poison so carrying out a lot poison pots is a must? Just see I posted this on runescape talks can somebody move it to queries? Alright, basically today I had been walking around with my broomstick that I had not utilized in some time and I discovered that jagex updated it also from the animation bunch, they left the base of the broomstick a much darker colour and something which I find quite cool is that the exaggerated strut with OSRS buy gold which you walk, it is as though you're sweeping as you walk, I think that it's pretty cool. So yeah, just wanted to let you guys know, the broomstick seems a lot better than it did before. I can not wait until the next animation pack.

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