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We hope you will engage with and encourage your friends to use any resources we provide to you that will help us identify and prohibit the bots such as the Spam Filter attribute. And lastly, we'd request that you refrain from using bots or supporting gold farmers. If there isn't a market, then bots will not exist. As was so eloquently put in a current article on Tip.it"Standing around Jagex [by expressing the opinion on the botting issue], an individual might argue, requires a certain amount of OSRS gold guts, but more is needed to endure to your friends". The player went on to state "The community should stand up for itself by simply following the rules and shunning those who do not. Lacking customers, the sites that set up the bots will shut, and the only botter will be the isolated real player. Ultimately, following the three pillars of this code of behavior that Jagex set up-"Honour,""Respect," and"Security" are a duty of the players and the community as much as they're of Jagex."

We're committed to ridding our sport of bots. We're committed to providing a more open conversation with you about the actual challenges which we confront as a consequence of our efforts. We are dedicated to involving you in this war so we can win this battle together. Most importantly, we are dedicated to continuing our investment in making and evolving RuneScape a fantastic game to play and an amazing community to be a part of. Thanks.

Anyone see the ramifications of this bot busting update? As for me, I see myself getting a rapier as a comprehensive mother fudgebrownieing joke. I would exchange my rapier to cheap RuneScape gold get a maul now and also a ZS, it is so dumb. I try going frost dragons, I head out first because I wasn't sure about fire, second trip appears sucessful - until, whups! Mother fudger puts his deflection protect the minute my rapier hits.

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By Smarthuiyuan
Added Oct 21



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